Sustainable development

Committed to all our stakeholders

Responsibility is a core principle that underpins all our endeavours, from the cover we offer our customers to the institutions, organisations and associations we support.

Assessing and anticipating climate-related risks

With the support of the scientific community, Generali is tackling climate-related risks head on. One example is the Observatoire atmosphérique Generali (Generali Atmospheric Observatory) which measures air quality in Paris. We also supported Jean-Louis Étienne's 2010 crossing of the Arctic Ocean in a hot-air balloon. The aim of the expedition was twofold: to take scientific measurements such as atmospheric CO2 levels, and to draw attention to the melting of the Arctic ice-floes and its links with atmospheric pollution.

Reducing our environmental impact

To reduce our environmental impact, we've started by looking at energy saving: our two Saint-Denis sites, where a large majority of the workforce is based, have HQE Exploitation (Haute Qualité Environnementale Exploitation) environmental certification. The company has adopted a series of "Green I.T." measures aimed at cutting energy consumption and lessening environmental impact. We have, for example, reduced server numbers dividing their energy consumption by four.

A tangible contribution to society

Alongside our commitment to helping the local population of Saint-Denis, where our headquarters are based, gain access to employment, Generali France rents commercial space at preferential rates to charitable and sustainable development organisations at BeeoTop, a hub created by Generali and entirely dedicated to social innovation.*

Generali France has also created a website to connect volunteers with voluntary organisations. We also act as observers, monitoring societal trends and developments and their potential consequences for risk management, with initiatives such as the first Observatoire des femmes et de l'assurance (Observatory of Women and Insurance), created in partnership with Terrafemina.

Lastly, the company has provided ongoing support to the Entrepreneurs d'Avenir group since it was established in 2009. Entrepreneurs d'Avenir is a community of companies and organisations working to reconcile efficiency with social responsibility and ethical and environmental commitments.

A major partner to French sport

Generali France is the oldest sponsor of water sports in France and the main sponsor of the Generali Solo. We also support two skippers, Nicolas Lunven and Alain Gautier. Generali also makes an active contribution in a number of other disciplines via the federations and clubs we insure and partner. To help them implement socially responsible initiatives, we introduced a Responsible Sport Charter in 2010.