Our vision of insurance

Insurance for all

Generali France has developed products in all branches of insurance, with packages that cater for private individuals, professionals and businesses. Our success is built on complementary networks and a strong customer service culture.

Insurance for all

Generali's primary role is to insure customers against unforeseen events in everyday life. Like all insurance providers, we mitigate the repercussions of accidents, illness or death on our customers. Generali provides insurance for all types of customer: private individuals, professionals, businesses and heads of companies.

For private individuals, Generali offers packages specially designed for each specific age-group and family situation. As well as traditional types of cover such as car and home insurance, Generali has devised specific packages to offer the over-45s support and advice in planning for their future.

We offer similarly innovative packages for professionals and businesses, featuring comprehensive cover and optional modules for specific professional activities.

Cover for all needs

Our range of insurance products and services spans a wide variety of fields:

  • personal insurance: savings, pensions, contingencies, health, unforeseen events, invalidity, disability, death and dependency
  • property and liability insurance: vehicle and home insurance, commercial premises, business risks, liability, nautical insurance, etc.
  • assistance and recovery: for travel, vehicles, health and everyday life. Generali has become a major player in this sector via its subsidiary Europ Assistance.

Responding to the customer's needs

At Generali, we do our best to offer a high standard of service to all our customers. In addition to comprehensive cover, that means providing back-up services that enable us to anticipate the customer's needs and make life easier for them. Our service commitment is underpinned by a strong customer service culture, bolstered by regular awareness-raising initiatives and training sessions about listening to the customer and the importance of good customer relationships. We even conduct surveys to evaluate staff responses to customers and intermediaries (insurance agents, brokers, etc.).

Supporting environmentally and socially responsible businesses

To help businesses incorporate environmental and social auditing into their overall approach to risk management, Generali offers a "Performance Globale" (overall performance) audit, 50% of which focuses on Environmental and Social Responsibility (ERS). Businesses who opt for the "Performance Globale" (overall performance) audit are provided with support throughout the process, and those who adopt the measures recommended by the audit receive an "Agir pour notre avenir" (Working for our future) certificate.

Responsible asset management

Generali has a strong sustainable real estate and socially responsible investment (SRI) focus. Some €22 billion of the €330 billion's-worth of assets handled by Generali Investments Europe (Generali's financial assets management arm) now meet our environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria, making the firm one of Europe's leading SRI providers. To decide which assets are socially responsible, Generali has devised its own system of assessment, which focuses on both ESG risks and financial criteria.

Complementary networks

To offer our customers a premium-quality service on a day-to-day basis, Generali France has a range of complementary distribution networks. These include two sales networks:

  • the Réseau Salarié - a network of over 1,200 sales personnel who handle our extensive range of life and health insurance and damage cover products and services for private individuals and professionals.
  • the LFAC (La France Assurance Conseil) network is specialised in life and health insurance, specifically catering for professionals and businesses. 

Generali France also has a nationwide network of 900 insurance agents who deal with private individuals, professionals and businesses face-to-face in their agencies.

An extensive network of partners

Generali also works with a network of independent financial advisers, brokers and partners. We were one of the first French insurance providers to develop partnerships with independent financial advisers. We provide 1,900 IFAs with a wide range of innovative products and services. We are also the first port of call for over 3,800 insurance brokers, especially for life and health insurance and business risk packages. In the area of life insurance, we have almost 100 partnership agreements with leading financial establishments, which sell Generali contracts under their own brand names.