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Our human ressources policy

Generali France employs people from all backgrounds, respects diversity and encourages staff to add to their skills set.

Giving young people access to work and promoting employment

As a socially-responsible business, over the years Generali France has made consistent efforts to recruit young people from the area where it is based to help them get a start in professional life. To do this, we have set up partnerships with local high schools and universities and Ecoles de la Deuxième Chance (Second Chance Schools), which enable 18- to 25-year-olds who left school with no qualifications to acquire essential skills. We also work with the local authorities and have developed close ties with local employers and NGOs.

Changing attitudes to disability

We welcome applications from disabled people and do our utmost to enable disabled staff to remain in employment. Awareness-raising is vital, so to combat prejudice, in 2013 we produced an interactive web series about disability in the workplace, featuring Generali employees. This initiative and our web-TV channel are part of a general drive to encourage dialogue within the company. In addition, a specialised disabled staff unit called the Pôle d’Insertion des Travailleurs Handicapés (PITH) helps the recruitment department find people with the skills Generali needs.

As well as making sure new disabled colleagues integrate by carefully preparing for their arrival, we see helping disabled staff stay in work as very important. The number of Generali staff with a disability increased from 150 to 350 between 2005 and the beginning of 2013.

Skills-building for all

In 2012, three-quarters of our employees received training of one kind or another (classroom sessions, e-learning, mentoring, simulations of work situations, etc.). It is up to staff themselves to decide what kind of training they receive. Since May 2012, a number of training modules, including some online modules, have been on offer to all staff, and all our employees have the chance to learn about the underlying principles of insurance via a programme called Culture Eco.

A pro-active approach to professional development

Generali France has introduced several measures to facilitate career moves for all its employees. Each member of staff is assigned a professional development adviser and can take part in a future jobs fair. Every year since 2011, we have organised a Professional Development Week to give staff insights into ongoing developments in the insurance sector and help us turn them into opportunities.

Professional development and working patterns that give teams the freedom to take initiatives help create a pro-active, forward-thinking culture within the company.

Employee shareholding

Generali is the first unlisted French company to issue free shares to all staff. All Generali employees on permanent contracts receive 100 free shares on joining the firm.