Generali France

Stability, innovation, convictions

Generali France is a subsidiary of the Generali Group, a mainstay of the European insurance market. We provide our customers with a comprehensive range of insurance products and services to cover all their needs. Established in France since 1832, Generali France is built on expertise, innovation and social responsibility.

Expertise and stability

Generali France is a subsidiary of the Generali Group, a mainstay of the European insurance market. The Group's long history in France began many years ago in 1832 when the first agents were appointed in Bordeaux and two years later, in Marseille. Today, Generali France is the Group's third largest market behind Italy and Germany.

Generali France offers a comprehensive range of products and services to cover all our customers' needs: property and casualty insurance, life insurance and personal protection and health for individuals, companies and professionals.

Solidity and stability are the defining principles of our financial management.

Generali France leads the market in a number of areas.

  • We are the leading on-line life insurance provider with our subsidiary E-cie vie.
  • We are the traditional insurance provider for the French sports community.
  • We lead the field among general insurance providers in the Loi Madelin pension plans market for non-salaried workers (self-employed workers and small businesses).
  • We are a leading provider of asset management advisory services through independent agents and banks.

A spirit of innovation

From our fledgling beginnings right up to the present, Generali France has constantly been able to adapt and renew our products and services to meet customers' changing needs. Some of these innovations have redefined the insurance profession, as with the introduction of nautical insurance in 1951 and the founding of Europ Assistance, our assistance subsidiary, in 1963.

A culture of responsibility

At Generali France, social responsibility is a shared commitment that shapes all our actions. It means anticipating economic, environmental, and social shifts to enable us to safeguard our customers to the best of our ability, now and in the future. The best illustration of this commitment is probably the Démarche performance globale or Overall Performance Audit developed to measure and reward businesses' efforts in sustainability.

Since 2005, we have implemented numerous initiatives for customers, employees and partners: equal opportunities, socially responsible asset management, environmental internal policies, partnerships with the not-for-profit and sports communities and, as of 2013, a partnership with the Observatoire atmosphérique Generali (Generali Atmospheric Observatory, formerly the Paris Balloon).

Generali France strives daily to offer our customers the best possible service. The "Customer Relations Charter", which is circulated to all staff, demonstrates our commitment to constantly improving our service quality.

Local recruitment, skills development

Generali France was one of the first major companies to move to the Le Landy district of the Paris suburb Saint-Denis. The site is close to the Paris football stadium, the Stade de France, where many of the 1998 World Cup matches were played. The 2003 move resulted from the regrouping of a number of subsidiaries into an integrated firm located on one site. The integration, however, did not stop there. We have constantly striven to prioritise local recruitment, employing staff from all backgrounds.

Developing employee skills is key to our success. Encouraging employees to take their careers forward, diversify and taken on greater responsibility and initiative is inherent to Generali France's human resources strategy.